10/9/18 (MON) FIRST DAY!  

-How I felt working in a group

challenging part;

 Working in a group especially discussing about a topic that has no correct answer and ideas were actually challenging as I usually find it a struggle when it comes to explaining my thoughts and ideas. I think I find it hard because it feels like i'm doing two different things at once. I tend to think about ideas and thoughts in my head a lot rather than speaking it out to someone. It was hard to think of an idea while listening to others as well, and I would say that sometimes I get distracted while listening to them when I have an idea in my head.  

what I liked about;

 However, what I liked was how everyone in our group tried their best to understand every idea given when someone came up with one, and listened to the person speaking without interrupting which I think it is the main reason that we were always coming up with ideas nonstop, and we didn't waste any time being completely silent.

 What surprised me during the discussion was how there's a gap and difference in perspectives, even with coming up with a definition of a wordEspecially for the word ‘air’ because the word has different meanings comparing to the other two. What I felt during discussion is that it really shows each persons' personality and perspectives in way of thinking, and I thought that todays discussion on the first day was a great way to know about each other in a unique way because normally we don't go straight up to discussing and giving ideas, but instead we have an everyday conversation. 

response to todays project;

 I think the reason we had so many different ideas and definitions was that because all three of us had interest in different areas/types in art, which made me realise that even though we all can be categorised as an 'art student' we still think about ideas in a different way, and working with people who does not have the same interest as mine can still bring a big positive cause as I was able to know about the ideas that I feel like most fine art students won't come up with. 

 However, I thought this could be because it was only our first day, and maybe as we start learning and experimenting with more and more different types of art, when we have the same discussion again we might come up with an idea that covers up all the types or being able to combine elements of other types (e.g. architecture and fine art) and come up with much more creative ideas.

How was today different from normal work; 

 Because I have the most interest in fine art, painting, I  tend to not look at the ideas first, but rather look at the outcome of the work and then listen to my ideas. Especially because the high school I've went were filled with people who didn't have much interest in art, I've always could sense that they weren't interested in the idea itself, if I didn't have the outcome. So to make people listen to the idea, I had to make a final work that brings their attention or interest and that was how I usually worked in the past. 

Taking time in coming up with the idea rather than taking time creating a final piece was a complete opposite way of how I used to work, but I also thought that if we came up with the idea and develop them deeply, it might be much faster to create a final piece rather than just go straight up to the final piece.

Feedbacks received from peers;

 We did receive some positive comments about how the idea was very refreshing and original, but some also said that it could be too unrealistic and going too far, which I also thought was the biggest problem.

Final Idea

three words (Air, Suspend, Anarchism)
Our final idea was to create a theme park based island of a human shape. People would go inside the body of this human shape and inside, there are attractions such as DNA based rollercoaster.

One attraction that shows the idea of air being suspended is the lungs part. While discussing about the definition of air, we made a mind-map which lead to science and the word 'lungs' was written. Which then when we had to come up with the idea, we thought 'lungs' do actually covers the word 'suspend.' Lungs attraction is when the people would go inside the lung-shaped room which is filled with balls representing air and have to walk their way out.

The concept of being trapped in one body and trying to get out shows the idea of Anarchism, saying that we do not need to be trapped by a person with power and we'll be able to find a way out if we realise that we are being trapped. The reason that we wanted to make a human shape island is because we thought the size difference shows the power difference as well. 



What I've learned today;

 Today, i learned how it’s important to be able to visualise idea in your head and also being able to explain in a way others can clearly imagine. I've learned that the skill of being able to present idea well is one of the most important key for artists, because it is the one of the key elements to create the final work more interesting and more powerful.

full page.jpg




11/9/18 (TUE) 

The drawing technique I enjoyed the most

 The drawing technique I enjoyed doing the most was the first one where we only used lines. This was because I felt the pressure for each lines I drew, and was concentrating a lot more as I knew that one single line can make a big difference to the overall piece. Also, when the line drawing turns out good, I get moved by how only simple lines can express lots of informations about objects such as volume, texture and size.

I would definitely practice a lot more of line drawing, because to do a line drawing, I would need a quick thinking and a concentrated way of looking at objects. I feel that by practicing line drawings it would eventually leads to developing own style of drawing and perspectives in looking at objects, which I levels up the overall skills in art.

 How I felt my visualisation could be improved after looking at the work of others


There were lots of work that only contained one or two drawings/images, but still caught my attention. Sometimes, when there are lots of work lined up I think we tend to look at the works that are more simple.

Because my visualisation contained too much information, as i also noticed while i was working, next time i would only put images that are really important


This also connects to the first part, but the works which I was instantly able to understand the concept was the ones I found the most interesting. I forgot to put myself into audience view,(which is very important when doing proposal) but rather was focusing on myself trying to look the work in a way I wanted to turn out.


Having 3D objects makes much easier to imagine how the final piece would turn out and so because my idea is a bit hard to explain only by drawing, i could use modeling the final piece.

 If i prefer working in 2D or 3D

I would definitely prefer working in 2D as I enjoy painting the most. Also, creating a 3D piece is always a big struggle for me because I can not imagine or plan in my head to create a final piece, which is a big problem if working in 3D. 

Best practice from other works I might adopt

The practice I found from others that i want to adopt are photo collage and graphic design. These works can be interpreted as fine art work as well, which I thought practicing these style might open more opportunities and ways of expressing in painting.



13/9/18 (THR)

what I found most excited/worried;

I was most excited about having to be able to look at everyone's work, and because we are in diagnostic group, I wanted to see how the difference would turn out for people who has interest in different topics. However, being able to see everyone's work was one of the thing that worried me the most as well, as I was never in a place where people had lots of interest in art, and being at CSM, I was afraid that I might find my work not being good enough comparing to others.


Most challenging/exciting;

Most challenging part was to decide the final idea. Even though I had one idea that I thought was the best, it was really hard to create visualisation, which i thought then the idea must be too complicated, or something that does not really attract others. The visualisation i did on Tuesday looked like the work someone else did, not really mine which made me very stressful. Which then, I had to think of another idea again all over. The way I thought about the idea was to think of how I wanted to present the visualisation first, which was the exciting part. It felt like I was planning my new painting, but with specific message to the audience. I came across with the photo of anarchist, which made me want to paint him, and grew the idea from there. I could tell that i had much more visualisation idea comparing to the first idea, and i felt like it was my work and felt more confident for the final visualisation.

What i learnt;

What I learnt this week was how important not be afraid to try again, and if something feels like it's not the best work i’ve done, I shouldn't give up and just keep trying again and again to make the work better.

I also thought that the skill of being able to present the visualisation is as important as being able to create the visualisation well. While we were presenting, I could feel that even though the visualisation is done well, when the person does not present well we forget about the main idea, and get bored easily. However, if the presentation was good, the idea will be stuck in the head and makes people want to see the final piece.

Progress of final visualisation work;



IMG_6150.jpg IMG_6164.jpg






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